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Leading the Way

Open Range Beef is leading the way in organic American-raised beef, providing a wide array of organic beef products to leading retailers in the grocery and direct-to-consumer channels.

From vacuum packed ground beef to fully cooked, ready to eat meatballs and sauce, we can meet your organic beef needs. We have in-house experts that can take your value-added product idea and turn it into a delicious, high quality, organic item that will delight your customers.

Private Label Options

We can offer a wide range of private-label options including:

Customized Cuts

Whether you require specific cuts of beef, such as steaks, roasts, or grinds, we can produce exactly what you need to your specifications.

Unique Flavor Profiles

We understand that each customer has unique flavor preferences, and we can create custom blends of spices and marinades to achieve the perfect taste for your brand.

Labeling and Branding

We can apply your labeling and branding on your private-label beef products, ensuring your brand is easily recognizable.

Packaging Options

We offer a range of packaging options from vacuum-sealed packaging for retail sales to fully cooked, ready to eat meatballs and sauce.

Label Attributes

Here are the label attributes available for your beef

Born, Harvested, and Raised in the USA

USDA Certified Organic

No Antibiotics, No Growth Hormones

100% Grass-Fed

Humanely Raised

Breed Claims/Angus Hereford

Sustainable & Regenerative

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